GRS Program - Coklat Bouquet
GRS Program - Coklat Bouquet 2019 GRS program (Gift-Related Services) Malaysia Johor Bahru JB Supplier, Supply, Supplies | JB Gift & Souvenir
Dear all value users, this GRS program (Gift-Related Services)is organized by JB GIFT & SOUVENIRT. The purpose of this program is to enable JB GIFT & SOUVENIR's website users to find 'Gift-Related Services or products' easier and faster.  All the photos in this program are provided by the relevant store/business owner to JB GIFT & SOUVENIR.
JB GIFT & SOUVENIR will not responsible for all the quality of products, quality of services, price and payment matters.  Users are at their own risks.
If you would like to know more about this product/ service, please kindly contact store/business owner at the link below:
各位尊贵的用户们,此项GRS(礼品相关服务)计划是由JB GIFT & SOUVENIRT主办,目的是为了让JB GIFT & SOUVENIR的用户们可以更快的找到与礼品相关的产品或服务。此项计划里的照片都是由有关店家提供给JB GIFT & SOUVENIR。
店家所提供的一切产品及服务的价钱,付款方式,产品的品质,服务的素质等等都与JB GIFT & SOUVENIR无关,JB GIFT & SOUVENIR 并不承担任何责任。用户们需自行承担风险。

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